April 2012

Meeting began with a presentation by Waterway Inc. Jim Conboy Hose and ladder testing. Food supplied by same.

Meeting called to order @ 19:30 By President Down.

CD$11,397.71 Savings $613.11 $495.55

Jessica Verfuss:

Met w/ Training Committee. FYI; Registration for web site is one time for all future trainings.

Looking for funding for upgrades to Training Center

Need Cars for F.F.1 – Weitsman ? Towing Co's ?

Parsons – Possibility of getting a car fire trainer ? Safer, re-usable.


Brian Wilbur:

Dispatcher Survey distributed, would like as many as possible filled out and sent back.

Distributed Spillman access form required by Tompkins Cty CIT

Pipeline meeting moved to Ramada. Brian obtained access to pipeline maps which will be loaded into CAD.

Reminder to not call Dispatchers while calls are being dispatched.

Less than 20 fire alarms now being sent to Digitize

Mid-State feels they are re-ready to begin single tone testing May 9th.

DEC requirement for emergency action plan for area Dams. Will be working on response plans for same.

Meeting held in Cortlandville regarding radio interoperability. Moto bridge is ready to go for direct communication with these counties.

Still planning on having Attorney Mark Butler at our next meeting to answer questions regarding Fire Department Operations.

Training Committee -Jason Fulton

Sign-up's via web-site only – encouraged.

Draft Policy distributed regarding training courses.

Discussion about Training Center improvements. Possibility of an AFG grant. Jason volunteered Trumansburg to spearhead this effort.

Question about why there are no County Coordinators ? Discussion about same. Need to gather further information.

No Unfinished business

New Business:

Lest Coit – Complimented Dispatchers on job well done previous Monday's snow storm. Per Denny Hubbell, if there are numerous calls to one Department, and said Dept. wants to 'self dispatch', an Officer needs to request land-line dispatch. Tom Parsons (IFD) commented that it's critical to keep track of call information for possible future re-reimbursement.

Reported by Tamborelle that there was no interest for new officers.

Motion by Coit, 2nd by Harrington to maintain current slate of officers.

Meeting adjourned @ 21:30 hrs

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