August 2012

August 12th 2012 Meeting called to order by President Down @ 19:12.

Motion by Totman, 2nd by Bell to accept minutes.

Treasurers report: Checking $973.72 CD $11,406.23 $ 150.00 Dues received

$61.38 Food for August meeting

Turbo draft demo at Freeville 8/29 at Werninicks

Lee Shurleff: Reviewed list of upcoming trainings (see TC Chiefs website) Suggested that all Departments enact 'Social Media' policy. Chief Totman asked if Scene Support could be scheduled for nights instead of including week-ends. Personnel having trouble adhering to schedule.

Brian Wilbur; Distributed report (see 'Documents') Updates on single tone paging, HipLink Paging, Recommended Units, Tower Maintenance, Rosters, CAD Shutdown.

T. Parsons: Question about talkgroup re-configuration. Discussion about making many TG's, not enough, etc.. Not resolved but will be brought up to ECROC.

Misc. Dispatch questions/conversations.

Discussion regarding Fire Advisory Board and ECROC.

Meeting adjourned at 20:54

Doug Keefe


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