February 2012

Meeting began @19:00 with presentation by Access Health Systems (Kevin O'Brien) Informational pamphlets distributed. Dinner provided by same.

Meeting called to order @ 19:30 by President Down

Minutes acceptance by Totman, 2nd by Crawford, carried.

Treasurers Report: $475.99 CD $11,386.48
Motion by White to accept, 2nd by Gaden, carried

Lee Shurtleff: Listed upcoming trainings and events.

Brian Wilbur: Single tone paging layouts distributed. Single tone paging initial test failed, working on correcting issues.

Working on Town of Caroline Fire District maps.

Pro-Q-A moving forward. Bugs found and corrected. Will be working with Spillman to integrate.

Inventory needed from each Department. Form will be posted on web page.

ID card program up and running. ID form on the web page.

ECROC: Asking for Dispatcher to add cross streets to all calls. Will be working w/Spillman next week on it. Working on inter-county/interoperability. Consultant on-board and will make suggestions soon. Updating premise policies and 'flags' systems.

No Unfinished business

Question by Jason Fulton regarding training organization (sign-ups, coordination, management, etc.) Discussion followed regarding the state of the existing training program, facility, and what can be done to improve it, etc..

Motion by President Down to form committee to study the issues with the current training program, operations, wants, current and future needs, and retention. To be made up of 2 County Chiefs and 2 Training Officers with support from DOER. 2nd by Totman. Jason Fulton and Dave Cotterill volunteered.

Suggested by Tom Parsons to have next meeting devoted to the discussion of recruitment and retention.

All Chiefs to bring ideas and topics for discussion. Possibility of having legal representation present for clarifications of questionable topics. (Brian W. will make the 'connection') Agreed

Question by J. Fulton about resources for fire investigation. Sheriffs and State Police both have trained personnel. State Fire has lowered their requirement from $250k to $50k loss.

Next meeting March 22

Adjourned 20:50
Submitted by Doug Keefe, Secretary
In Attendance:
Doug Keefe- Speedsville
Doug White-Slaterville FD
Greg Harrington-Slaterville Ambulance
Roy Rizzo-Varna
John Gaden- Danby
Dave Crawford-Airport
Mike Totman- McLean
Ryan Green- Freeville
Andy Down- Freeville
John Smith- W. Danby
Brian Wilbur- DOER
Jason Fulton- Trumansburg
Tom Parsons- Ithaca
David Cotterill- Dryden


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