Meeting called to order by Vice President Totman @19:05
Treasurers Report: $ 64.77 Food July $ 252.
T-shirts $ 437.50 $ 52.94 Food August
$11,352.36 CD
Motion by Coit to accept, 2nd by Tamborelle
Question if all Departments are paid up. Unknown at this time
Question on Date of CD renewal. Unknown at this time.
Greg will check on both issues.
(President Down took over meeting at this time 19:15)

Lee Shurtleff:
Reviewed list of upcoming training and dates. Check the County web site for more information.
ID machine (Linstar) is up and ready to go. Jessica will be mailing each department information required.
Golf Tournament 9/10 at Stonehedge sponsored by Cornell ROTC.
Possible budget cuts at D.O.E.R. Due to financial restraints. Would mean personnel cuts if they become reality.
Air Truck has been bid out to Plastisol. Old truck has been out of service for quite some time. Hope to have new unit in service by the end of the year.
New drugs surfacing out on the street that can be potentially dangerous to EMS personnel. All affected are urged to use extra caution.
NYS Emergency Operation Center will be activated Friday 8/26 due to imminent threat of hurricane Irene. Pre-plans are being developed similar to past responses.
Brian Wilbur Asking all Department to provide longitude and latitude of frequently used landing zones.
Reviewed/discussed outstanding issues with Dispatch Supervisors Scott Roman and Chuck Smithers. Brian's monthly report will be forthcoming.

Motion by Coit to adjourn, second by Totman. 21:20 Submitted by Doug Keefe Secretary

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