Meeting called to order 19:02

No Treasurers report

No Communications

Lee Shurleff:
Getting responses for donations for ID system due to recent media exposure. $2,450 in private donations + $5k Traid foundation (Roy Park)

FF1 started previous Sunday (+20) Clarification on funding discussed.

List of classes forming. Sign-up as soon as possible.

ROTC (Cornell) looking for 'places' to donate funds/profits from Golf Tournament this Fall.

Review of Nature Codes.
Question regarding Chimney fires. Currently not included in the code list as a separate code. Vote to add as a new code was not unanimous. Need inclusion of all Departments.

Discussion regarding nature codes and response plans. Lee will formulate procedures to move complete implementation forward be early Spring.

Tom Dorman: Red Cross having 'Heroes Breakfast' to honor local Fire/Ems personnel. Nominations need to be in soon.
Meeting Adjourned 20:00

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