Tompkins County Fire EMS Chiefs Association January 27,2011
Meeting called to order by Chief Down at 19:00
Savings = $11,338.38 Checking = $945.13 Paid Clayton Bronson for annual web-site fees.

Communications: DAV needs volunteer drivers
Lee Shurtleff: Greg Potter TC-CIT Patty Kelly -Spillman Jack Crance
TC Greg - Recent Updates: Rip N Run, most, if not all problems resolved. Distributed Citrix access form and R n R samples. Unit numbering system reverted back to the old HTE format.

Conversations regarding 'nature codes'. Codes have been consolidated, refinement continues.

Response plans for each agency will be based on these nature codes. Learning curve for Dispatchers to understand what each code 'means.
Working on GeoMapping to indicate common names with addresses. Pro QA (Emergency Medical Dispatch) not functioning properly, will be using card system until situation is resolved. Patty Kelly: Response plans, planning-implementation. Shawn Brimhall: (NYState Training) Reporting participation is very poor. (distributed report for 2010) New Business: T. Basher needs printer for training center, Lee will address and resolve.

George Tamborele has secured a $5k grant towards ID system. Total $6,500 so far.
FF1 starts on 20th March 8th & 10th – Mutual Aid course at DOER
Motion to adjourn 20;50
In attendance: Doug Keefe, Speedsville - Andy Down, Freeville – Scott Wendt, W. Danby – Tom Lobdell, Etna – Greg Harrington, Slaterville EMS - Tom Dorman, Ithaca – Carl Campbell, Slaterville – John Smith, W. Danby – Scott Purcell, Lansing – Tom Parsons,Ithaca – Mike Totman, McLean – John Gaden, Danby.

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