January 2013

January 2013 Meeting called to order at 19:05 by President Down

Treasurers Report:

CD =$1531.70

Down: Need to develop or improve income streams to Association.

Department Notifications: None

Jessica Verfuss: If your department needs ID's, contact Jessica at DOER. Check out DOER Facebook page and Twitter Feed.

Mark Bell, Dryden: Thanks to Jessica for her efforts coordination the Hurricane Sandy deployments.

Brian Wilbur: Boundary reviews continuing with review of response plans. Met with Guthrie and Air Methods to develop consistent procedures. High interest in 'determinant dispatch' to pre-launch helicopters to reduce time. Communication Manager job description is nearly complete. (Brians job). Still working on inventories and integration to the CAD system. HipLink Paging system PO has been signed, some hardware has arrived. Estimated implementation August 2013. Current 911 phone system (Positron) is in need for replacement. Lee is looking for grant opportunities as is not scheduled to be a capitol expenditure. Group Discussion around response plans and Dispatching.

Tom Parsons ECROC: Brian Wilbur proposed mandatory communication training for any new recruit, fire, police, etc., any new radio user. Most likely a 'Train the Trainer' program with each Department. Not voted on yet.

Discussion about utilizing the Clearing House for Helicopter dispatch.

Discussion about call review process/quality improvement.

Discussion regarding Fire In You program and recruitment.

Discussion regarding Owego & LODD and such an event in Tompkins County. Mark Bell, Lee Shurleff, Mike Totman, Tom Parsons, Doug Keefe form a committee to develop a LODD plan for Tompkins County.

Motion by Harrington to adjourn.

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