Meeting called to order 19:00 by President Down

Previous months minutes: Motion to approve by Coit, 2nd by Wendt
Treasurers report:
Beginning balance $14,620.92
Receipts $500 (Etna FD for ID tag system)
Ending balance $15,120.92
Account composition: General Fund $525.92 ID Tag System $14,995.00 FF1 supplies $600.00 CD: $11,352.36 No motion to approve as clarification is needed regarding CD information. Lee Shurtleff: Training schedule for the Fall is forming. Check the County Web Site for details. Budget woes are upon us and if proposed cuts are reality, may have to eliminate up to 6 people. Jessica Verfuss: Linstar System is here but in boxes still. Waiting for Linstar people to come and perform installation and training. Oct 15th is the annual Airport Drill. Brian Wilbur: Distributed multi page report on Dispatch center progress. Will send an electronic copy to follow. Lengthy discussions on each topic followed. Radio usage reports accompanied report. Dispatch Supervisors will be in attendance at the August meeting for a 'get to know your Dispatch Supervisor'. This will be a great opportunity for an exchange of information, comments, and discussions about how the Dispatch Center operates. Contact Brian for alternate arrangements if your Department cannot, but wants to, participate. No Old/New business. Motion by Totman to adjourn, 2nd by M. Bell.

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