Meeting called to order 19:10 by Vice President Totman
Previous months minutes
Treasurers Report: Beginning balance $14,216.03
Monies received $500.00 (IFD) Debits $95.11 (Food-May meeting) Ending balance $14.620.92 Account composition:
$525.92 General Fund
$13,495.00 ID Tag System
$600.00 FF1 Supplies
Motion by Coit, 2nd by Tamborelle to accept report.
Brian Wilbur: ID Tag System has arrived. Jessica working to sort out details – training, photos, system use, etc.
Fire Alarm reporting system is failing rapidly. Form letter distributed that states that Tompkins County will discontinue receiving alarms to its system on December 1,2011. Users currently using this system will be notified by certified mail of the changes and will have to contract with a fire alarm monitoring system vendor.
Working to implement the Ztron system which will populate the appropriate tones from the dispatched call. Goal is to reduce time from receipt of call to actual tone generation.
Progress continues with Spillman to expand on capabilities. Finalized Nature Code list will be sent out along with sample 'Box Alarm' forms.
Will check on status of 'Moto-bridge' system that will allow communication to bordering Counties. Draft of 'Helicopter Policy' statement. Discussion followed.
George Tamborelle, ID tag system: Distributed sample Tag sample that will be used. Jessica is at training and will begin the process when she returns.
Next meeting July 28th
Motion to adjourn by White, 2nd by Coit.

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