March 2013

Pre-meeting presentation by Mike Terzo, Jr. - Valor FireFighter Seats.

March 2013 Tompkins Fire & EMS Chiefs Association

Meeting called to order 19:15 by Chief Down

Minutes of the January Meeting accepted. Motion by Bell, 2nd by White

Treasurers Roport
$9,918.09 CD

$825.48 Checking

$194.01 FF1

$500.00 ID Tags

Motion to accept Treasurers Report

Lee Shurtleff: $20k damage to towers by vandals looking to steal copper. Under investigation by Sheriff's PD

ECROC: Various topics covered at last meeting.

Brian Wilbur: Distributed list of pre-planned helicopter landing zones. Asked for input from Departments to correct, add, subtract, etc..

Stressing to Dispatchers to ask for Incident Command Designee.

Working on implementation of 'Incident Timing'. Begins when 1st unit arrives and notifications every ten minutes.

April 20th, Ground school w/Guthrie at Danby 19:00

Extensive discussion regarding Spillman, Response plans, screen 'real estate'. Short synopsis :Need to pare down response plans if at all possible. Brian Cameron presented on-screen Spillman simulation that demonstrated the issues.

Motion by Harrington 2nd by White to allow Varna and Dryden to 'buy in' to the ID system at $500.00.

(Requested by Rizzo/Bell)

George Tamborelle appointed to search committee for Officers. Elections in April.

Meeting adjourned at 21:00

Doug Keefe, Secretary


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