May 2011

Meeting called to order 19:00 President Down.

Previous months minutes: Motion by T. Parson, 2nd by T. Lobdell to accept as written

Treasures report:
Beginning balance $13,868.93
Receipts: $500.00 ID Tag System -Groton
$ 20.00 Dues – Ithaca
Debits: $172.90 Food/April Meeting
Ending Balance: $14,216.03
General Fund: $ 621.03
ID Tag System$12,995.00
FF1 Supplies: $600.00
CD: $11,352.36

Lee Shurtleff:
EVOC 6/4/11 @ Lansing
Rescue Tech Basic 6/6/11@ Trumansburg
Fire Fighter II June 6/6/11
Pump Ops in July, not defined

Departments need to pick up their District maps if they have not done so.

Explained that budget forecast is not looking good and a County shortfall is expected.

Lee has tickets for Chiefs Convention

ID System has been ordered 5/26 Estimated delivery date 2-3 weeks.

Departments will be responsible for creating tags/taking photos, etc.

Brooktondale, Cayuga Heights, Danby, Freeville, Groton, Lansing, McLean, Slaterville Ambulance, Slaterville Fire, Speedsville Fire, West Danby have paid. Newfield and Trumansburg have declined.

No old business.

New Business:

Question regarding radios and when can they be re-programmed ? L. Shurtleff: We can begin this process as well as combining Med A and B.

Question by Down regarding alarms and alarm levels. T. Parsons stated that a recorded webinar will be available within a few days that explains how Spillman works with Alarms.

Motion by T. Lobdell, 2nd by T. Parson to adjourn meeting at 19:55, carried.

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