May 2012

Meeting called to order @ 19:00 by VP Totman
Introduction by Brian Wilbur of Mark Butler Attorney at Law
Topics Covered: Liability avoidance – (Training,Education,Leadership),
Monetary or other Incentives given directly to personnel,
Mutual Aid situations, Junior F.F.-Explorers, Texting while responding,
Department mergers, Mutual Aid 'Memberships', Deputy Fire Coordinators,
Liability on Mutual Aid, 2 department Memberships, mergers.
Treasurers Report: Beginning Balance 613.11$
Received -$25.00 Newfield FF1
-$50.00 Groton FF1
-$25.00 McLean FF1
Debits: $82.05 Food for Meeting
Ending Balance $636.06
Composition: General Fund $442.05
FF1 Supplies $194.01
CD $11,397.71
Official Meeting started @ 21:21
Motion by Tamborelle,2


 by Totman
Treasurers report:
Motion to accept by Lobdell, 2


 by Totman

Tamborelle/Verfuss: Issues with Linstar and an outstanding bill (they did not bill for 300 days an amount of $1500 for the scanner) Cash not on hand at this time. CD not due until October. Jessica will talk to them about an extension.

Lee and Brian will send email due to time restraints.
June 9


will be dedicating training building in honor of Dick Lobdell. Lower creek Rd. All invited.
Secretary instructed to send letter to Mark Butler thanking him
Meeting adjourned 21:00

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