Meeting called to order at 19:00 by President Down
Motion to accept previous months minutes by Totman, 2nd by Lobdell, Carried
Treasurers Report CD $11375.01, Checking $791.44
Motion to accept by Doug White, 2nd by Tom Lobdell, Carried

Report by Brian Wilbur distributed. Also CAD call information.

Shawn Brimhall: OFPC has had some re-structure due to retirements, etc.. Will have aerial device class for instructors in Ithaca in December. Explanation of why prerequisites are required for training classes and why there are no waivers. No prerequisites now for EVOC

Lee Shurtleft: 20 people signed up for FF survival, 7 for Truck Co. Ops, 4 for SCBA confidence. County budget passed, no changes that will affect DOER. Consultant (Criterian Associates) is on site reviewing wants, needs, expectations of DOER and improvements for the future.
All County Tone to be used for nightly announcements.
Suggested by B. Wilbur to have an Ambulance dispatched for any Code 11, structure fire – automatically. Motion by Tamborelle, 2nd by Totman, carried unanimously.

Doug Keefe: New site is under development with on-line booking, registration, etc..

Jessica Verfuss: Need information for ID tag system before tags can be made.

George Tamborelle: 'Movember' fundraiser now underway at Cayuga Hts. Motion by T. Lobdell, 2nd by Down to Cancel December meeting. Next meeting January 26th

Meeting adjourned at 20:10

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