Tompkins County Fire & EMS Chiefs Association
September 2011 Meeting called to order by President Down at 19:03
Motion by Coit, 2nd by Totman to accept previous months minutes.

Lee Shurtleft: FF1 has begun EVOC starts October 10th NYS has deactivated the Emergency Response Center after hurricane Irene and tropical storm Lee. Lee reviewed response from Tompkins County to Schoharie, Broome and Tioga Counties. Any Department that suffered loses due to storm response (equipment, fuel, etc.) forward that info to DOER for possible reimbursement.

Brian Wilbur: Gave his report, detailed written to follow. Tom Shurla (Radio system Consultant) Has been on location reviewing licensing, usages, etc.. So far, all looks in good shape. Pagers need to be programmed to 'narrow band'.
Question: If switch is made to text only paging, would reading a text while driving constitute an infraction ?
Question: Need clarification of whether or not tones would be sent with scenarios described in Brians September report.
Single Tone generation Motion by Down, 2nd by Keefe as of January 1 2012 that the Dispatch Center will change to a single tone page. Passed unanimously.

Suggested by Down that we encourage the non-participating departments to be more involved. Tom Parsons will make contact with their Chiefs.

Motion by Coit, 2nd by Gaden that a maximum limit of $75 will be imposed for meeting dinners. Members to contribute $5 toward offsetting the cost

Motion for adjournment at 20:33 Submitted By Doug Keefe Secretary

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