January 2012

Meeting started @ 19:00 with presentation by Tournout Rental – Jason Janke. Dinner supplied by same.

Meeting called to order @ 19:25

Motion by Coit, 2nd by Totman to accept previous minutes.

Treasurers Report

$ 935.44 Checking – Consisting of:
$ 350. FF1 Fund

$ 11,386.48 CD

Tamborelle 2nd by Coit to accept Treasurers report

Motion by Down, 2nd by Totman to pay bill for FF1 class.

Lee Shurtleft gave report on upcoming classes. Encouraged ll departments to keep up with State reporting.

Brian Wilbur gave his report on single tone paging modifications, GIS updates – Town of Dryden complete, Caroline next, then Danby. Computerized EMD has not been reliable. Problem identified, patch is being installed as soon as possible.

All Departments will be sent a list of active fire alarms that now report to the County system. Need to be moved off system.

All Departments will be sent a format for Equipment inventory so a County database can be created/updated.

ECROC: Report topics covered by Brian

New Business:

Andy Down: Harrob Fire Apparatus offered to pay for web server annual fee of $71
Motion by Down, 2nd by Harrington to allow vendor contributions to cover web costs in exchange for advertizing.

Motion by Coit 2nd by Totman to let .com lapse

Motion by Parson,2nd by Gaden to pay invoice for domain registration. ($21.00)

David Cotterill (Dryden) reported that Town of Dryden Departments are working on developing mutual aid response plans.

Tom Parsons (IFD) suggested that we get more involved in the NYS Chiefs Association.

Next Meeting is February 23

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