July 2012

Meeting called to order at 19:00 by President Down

Introduction of Gordy Kotars, FASNY

Recruitment Training October 2, Dryden – Enfield to be determined: Need 2 people from each Department to attend. FASNY Convention

Date: August 14th – 17th, 2012
Location: Holiday Inn, 441 Electronics Parkway
Liverpool, NY 13088

Treasurers Report: Checking $885.10 CD $11407.23 (comes due Oct.2)

Slaterville FC 'loaned' Chiefs Association monies to pay off Spillman. Will re-imburse in October when CD comes due.


John Gaden update: In 4 weeks will begin therapy to start walking. Still a long road to recovery.

Benefit at the Moose Club this Sunday. 8 – 11 am 6$ all you can eat.


Brian Wilbur: Consultant (Tom Schuler) says radio system is operating well and not being taxed at all. Interoperability is becoming a very hot topic for fire and law enforcement.

Dispatch Policy Committee has been formed to consolidate operational procedures where required.

3 Departments still need boundary review, Danby, W. Danby and Brooktondale.

Radio upgrades next week (Wednesday August 1st 8:30-9:00) totaling 7 minutes.

Resolution reviewed for ECROC Training Resolution.. In a nutshell, ECROC hereby recommends to he DOER that after the new user training program is operational, that all existing users of the system be required to attend an annual refresher when new information on the systm can be conveyed, and ongoing evaluation of system usage and operation can be reinforced.

Adjustments made in the Dispatch Staff. Brian Cameron & Scott Ronan (Emergency Services Dispatcher and Spillman Specialists) Will be focusing on 'consistency' and “Recommended Units. Equipment inventories, response plans, etc..


Motion by Down, 2nd by Harrington to support the ECROC Training Resolution. Carried


Next meeting August 23rd

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