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Marketing strategy: How to earn 100 million won from penniless.

Marketing Strategy In 2020, many things suddenly changed due to COVID-19. Changes are emerging across society, culture, and economy, from children’s school classes to telecommuting, non-face-to-face, video conferencing, and the emergence of the metaverse.

​There are probably many people who are confused by these changes. I’m confused because I don’t know what to prepare and how to deal with in a rapidly changing society.

​However, no matter how times change and things change, the core of how to make money does not change. I’m a marketing person, so let’s talk about it using an online marketing strategy as an example.

​There is no field in the world that does not require marketing. Since the wrong stereotype of “marketing = advertising” is embedded in our heads, we just mistake marketing as necessary only for those who do sales or own business.

​But even at this moment, we’re either being marketed or being marketed.^^ If I want to buy something on the Internet now, I’m being marketed, and if I’m on a blind date with someone, I’m working hard to market my rational charm to others.

​Interviewing a company for a job is also a kind of self-marketing that sells my value to the company. Therefore, understanding marketing and developing various marketing strategy skills are indispensable factors in living in the future era.

​Realistic advice on how to earn 100 million won with marketing strategies.

Some people may have thought it was a fishing article that tries to attract people by making 100 million won by looking at the title of this article alone.

I recently watched a video of Ty Lopez, a millionaire, and marketing genius. It may have been one of the common agro, but I enjoyed the lecture on the somewhat provocative topic of “Easy 100 Million Earnings” because it was so similar to my beginning.

​It’s also a practical way for me to quit my job as a teacher and enter the marketing market(애드리절트) for the first time, so please read it carefully and apply it.


This method that Tyropez says is simple and simple in three Marketing strategies.

​First, find the company that seems to have the most money.

Second, find and analyze problems there through online search.

Third, I go to meet the owner of the company.

That’s it.

​Then let’s look at each item in more detail. He explains an example of a restaurant called CATCH in LA, and the method is as follows.

1. Find the company that seems to have the most money.

The first thing to do is to find a place where I usually go or a place where business is good because word of mouth goes viral. It is the process of finding potential customers in marketing terms. It’s targeting.

​At first, I also started marketing targeting restaurants with multiple chains. I thought there would be enough places to run multiple chain stores, and if I could provide them with my analysis and useful tools, I could make sales easier. That’s what I thought.

​I’ve experienced a lot that there’s room and that places that ahead tend to be more sensitive to such small analyses and make spending easier. I don’t think there’s a reason why people are so popular. (Laughs)

2. Find and analyze problems there through online search.

The part that analyzed and suggested the absolute competitor of the company

​This is an era where you can get a lot of information online if you want to. It’s a step to constantly find and google information about the company online to find problems.

​This second step is the most important step that requires the most time and effort among the three steps.

​Ty Lopez takes an example of opening a company’s website to analyze its website and looking for any problems on the spot.

​What I want to get by visiting the restaurant’s website would be information on “food,” price, business hours, and location, but all of those contents were missing from the website he showed me.

​Large companies like Apple also minimize their logos and show the biggest amount of information that customers might be curious about, and the store points out that the logo is too big and that self-love is excessive.

​In this way, when I go to the company’s website from the customer’s point of view, I organize in detail the shortcomings, regrets, and inconveniences one by one. Also, I carefully read reviews, comments, and evaluations about the company on various social media and think about what to improve and 병원경영.

​Especially these days, you can show a little more “believability.” There are a lot of analysis tools that you can learn with just a little study. If you use various tools such as Google Site Speed, Google Analytics, Naver Analytics, and so on, you can suggest my analysis to make it look much better.



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