Be a Volunteer

It takes a lot of people with dedication and many talents to keep a Fire Department or EMS agency on the ready, 24/7/365. Training and safety are our priorities

We offer the best possible training so that our people can perform their job safely and efficiently. For example; All personnel who wish to be an active FireFighter must take a NYS sponsored course. In addition to NYState sponsored courses, each Department holds their own training specific to their equipment, procedures and protection district. Usually held in the evenings, these Departmental trainings range from Radio operations, to Driving, to pump operations, to proper ladder usage. Safety is our primary goal and properly trained people are safer people.

EMS: Numerous courses are offered throughout the year in Tompkins and surrounding Counties. They range from CPR to Certified First Responder, through the Emergency Medical Technician levels all the way to Paramedic. There is no doubt, these courses require a huge commitment of time and energy.

Not all Firefighters are trained to go into a burning building. Some are better served performing other support tasks, Pulling hose, re-loading hose beds, carrying ladders, manning exterior hose lines, setting up floodlights, helping Interior Personnel replace air tanks, watching the scene for potential safety issues, directing traffic and the list goes on and on. Don't want to run into a burning building? That's okay, we have plenty of other jobs.

But, we also are in dire need of support staff. People who can manage budgets, cook food, make coffee, clean and re-stock vehicles, dust, mop floors, help with fundraisers, take notes at meetings, IT support, and the list could go on and on.

So how can you get involved ? Next time you're driving by your local Fire Station, don' by - that is. Stop in and find out how you can help your neighbors. Determine the commitment you're willing to make and see where it can fit in. Maybe it's only a few hours a month, but it's something. Maybe it's just getting the mail everyday, but it's something. Maybe it's cutting the Fire Station lawn once a month, but it's something.

If you are interested, Click Here and someone will contact you to answer yor questions.

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