Firefighter 1

Date(s) - Feb 26 2012
08:00 - 12:00

Ithaca Fire Training Center


Pre-Course Orientation:

Registration, Attendance, Course Overview;

Intro to Fire Service


Reading Assignments:  NY pp1-4, Ch1

Special Notes:  GET IN SHAPE!

1.  Full turnout gear, SCBA and spare bottle and a minimum of one quart of water are required at all classes, unless otherwise instructed.  Two quarts required for all burn classes.

2.  Starting with Class 8, an 8 foot rope suitable for knots, 7mm-10mm (3/8″), at all classes.

3.  Starting with Class 5, hand tool and flashlight at all classes.

4.  Textbooks and course materials at all classes, unless otherwise instructed.  Two engines with ladders and operators, EMS Team (rehab) and FAST (minimum 4 qualified interior firefighters) will be needed for all burn classes.  Additional assignments will be made throughout the course and all departments are expected to assist. 

5.  All reading assignments are from Delmar Firefighter’s Handbook, 2nd ed., New York Edition unless otherwise noted.