Firefighter Survival

Date(s) - May 19 2013
08:00 - 16:00

Ithaca Fire Training Center


Based on Chief John Salka’s “Get Out Alive” program, this program is designed for self-rescue and rescue of trapped firefighters. Course content will enable firefighters to recognize the types of events encountered on the fire ground that contribute to firefighter disorientation and/or entrapment, to have knowledge of what is necessary to ensure their safety and that of their partners or crew members, and perform self-rescue techniques when disoriented, separated, or when needing to exit a structure in an emergency. This course requires students to perform a number of practical evolutions with self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA). This course includes the National Fire Academy Calling the Mayday.
Designed for: Fire service personnel
Course Length: 12 hours
Prerequisites: Firefighter I, SCBA medical clearance, and signed Training Authorization Letter.
The nationally recognized Firefighter Level I certification may be substituted for the course prerequisites.
Course number : 01-05-0022


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