Basic Exterior Firefighting Operations (BEFO)

The student will be provided with the training to support fire activities that arise before, during and after fire attack with respect to their exterior only classification. The student will be exposed to the knowledge and skills pertaining to; Fire, Tool and Scene Safety, Fire Behavior and Development, PPE and SCBA Practices (excluding donning and doffing of SCBA), Communication and Incident Management System (IMS) Principles, Fire Prevention and Investigation Principles, Fire Extinguishers, Hose Practices (excluding fire advancement and attack), Water Supply, Nozzles and Fire Streams, Ground Ladder Operations, Ropes and Knots.

Designed for: Fire department personnel who, for whatever reason, will not be classified as an interior structural firefighter.

Course Length: 63 hours (with HFMRO:  79 hours)